Ms Jyoti Yadav


  • Tech in VLSI Design
  • E. in ECE

Area of interest:

  • VLSI Design
  • MEMS

Working Experience:

  • 8 years teaching experience in Dronacharya College of Engineering.
  • 3 years teaching experience in GITM


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  • Yadav J., Yadav N.,(2013), on “MEMS Based Lateral mode Free Free beam resonator “,Volume 2, Issue 6, IJETTCS (ISSN: 2278: 6856,), 34-39.
  • Yadav J., Yadav N. , Yadav P.(2012) “Analysis and simulation of 64 QAM in H;S/MRC diversity Techniques” presented at “ICETCSIT-2012” held in JJTU, jhujhunu.
  • Yadav J., (2012) “Characteristic of Free Beam MEMS resonator “IJECT (ISSN:
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