Ms Jyoti Yadav

Educational Qualification:  M.Tech, B.Tech

Specialisation: VLSI Design

Area of Interest:

VLSI Design

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Work Experience: 4 years in teaching

Special Competency and Responsibility:

  • Paper published in IJECE (ISSN:2278-991X) on “Design Method and simulation of TIQ comparator based ADC  “ in Jan-14  journal.
  • Paper published in IJETTCS (ISSN: 2278: 6856 ) on “MEMS Based Lateral mode Free  beam resonator “ in DEC-13  journal
  • Presentation on “Analysis and simulation of 64 QAM in H.S/MRC diversity Techniques”at “ICETCSIT-2012” held in JJTU, jhujhunu on dated 9-10 April,2012.
  • Paper published in IJECT (ISSN: 2230-7109) on “Characteristic of Free Beam MEMS resonator “ in OCT-12 journal
  • Paper published in IJCEM (ISSN-22307893) on “performance analysis and simulation of H-S/MRC using M-aru modulation technices “ in Aug-11 journal
  • Information security organized by Kyrion Digital securities, attended in Banasthalli University
  •  ICT application for E&C laborites in Jaipur on July 2011
  • IEEE workshop on Revitalizing Power engineering Education attended in IIT Delhi on 23 nov, 12
  • Intellectual Property of rights(IPR); Opportunity and Strategies attended in DCE, Gurgaon on 8 dec,12
  • Wireless and mobile communication attended in DCEGurgaon on 4 feb,13
  • 4 week webinar on research methodology attended in DCE, Gurgaon on 25 Jan- 31 March 13.
  • 1 week National Workshop on “Analog Electronic” attended in DCE, Gurgaon on 4-14 June 13 by IIT Kharghpur.
  • 3 Days National workshop in “National Workshop on VLSI Designing using Verilog coding” attended in Bhaskaracharya college of Applied science, (BCAS) New  Delhi on 16-18 Jul, 13.
  • Seminar on “Comsol 4.4” Attended in New Delhi on 31 Jan 14
  • Coordinated Two Day National Workshop on the topic of “VLSI Designing of Verilog Coding” on 21-22 Feb 14
  • Coordinated Five Day National Workshop on the topic of “VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTATION ON LABVIEW” on 21-25 April 14.
  • 5 Days National Workshop on “Computer Networking with CCNA” Attended in DCE Gurgaon on 19-23 May 14..


  • ISTE life time membership with ID LM 80182
  • Universal Association of Computer and Electronics Engineers with membership ID AM1002989
  • IEEE membership with membership ID 92584538
  • SDIWC life time membership with ID 2435
  • IAENG life time membership with ID 139015