Ms. Sangeeta

Educational Qualification: P.hD*, MBA, UGC-JRF (2017)

Specialization: – Finance & Marketing Management

Area of Interest

Financial Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management

Research Publications, Conferences, Workshops &Seminars

  • “Employee Engagement: The Key to Competitive Advantage”, Co-authored(s) by: Dr. Himani Sharma BPIT Delhi National Conference-2013, “Paradigm shift in innovative management theory and practices” Vol. 1 pp. 42-45 23rd May 2013(ISBN No. 978-93-5126-261-9).
  • “Job Satisfaction and Employees Engagement Among Employees At Pricol Ltd”, Co-authored byS.Bajaraia “Global Journal of Engineering Science and Research Management” (ISSN 2349-4506); pp. 54-62, June 2015.
  • “Training as a Major Solution for Acute Shortage of Skilled Employee in India” Co-authored byS Bajaraia, in edited book (ISBN-987-93-84443-17-7) entitled “Latest Significant Developments in Management, Economics and Educational Issues.
  • “Talent Management: A Weapon for Modern HR Practices for Enhancing Employee Engagement”, Co-authored byS Bajaraia in journal “Emerging Trends In Social Sciences” Vol.3, Issue.12 with ISSN No. 2277-8624, Oct-Dec.2014.
  • “Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility in Socio-Economic Development in India”, in journal “Emerging Trends In Social Sciences” Vol.3, Issue.12 with ISSN No. 2277-8624, Oct-Dec.2014.
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