Ms Rosy Nanda

· Educational Qualification:  M.Tech, B.Tech

· Specialisation: C, C++, DBMS. Computer Networks, HTML, Data Communication, System Programming, Programming Languages, Software Engineering

· Area of Interest:

o Web Designing

o Database Management

· Work Experience: 5 years

· Publication:

1. Offline signature verification using Neural Networks, June 2014.

2. Understanding Turing machines to exhibit intelligence behaviour of machine from that to human at international journal of R&D, April 2016.

3. Designing and testing of “SMART TEXT” application at International Journal, May 2016.

4. Offline signature verification and recognition systems using Adaptive Neuro fuzy inference systems at International Journal, June 2016.

· Workshops and conferences:

Short Term program on AICTE sponsored induction training program at NITTR.