Mr. Mohit Arora

Educational Qualification:  M.Tech (Structure Engineering), B.Tech

Area of Interest:

  • Design of Steel

Work Experience: 5 Years & 2 Months



International Journals

  • Nagar, B., Goswami, N., Arora, M., (2017). “Partial Replacement of Concrete by Plastic Spherical Balls and Reducing Structural Dead Weight by Linking Air and Steel Directly (Bubble Deck Technology)”. J. of Science & Engineering Development Research. 2, ISSN No. 2455-2631.
  • Arora, M., Singh, K., Kumar, A., (2015). “Utilization of Metakolin with Fly Ash in concrete and Its Durability Effects”. J. of Business and Engineering Research. 9, ISSN No. 0975-0479.
  • Arora, M., (2012). “4 Generation”. J. of Computational Inteligence and Information Security, Australia, 1 (IX), ISSN No. 1837-7823.

National Conference

  • Attended a National Projects Construction Corporation-2015 (NPCC) organized by SGI Sikar