Dr. Richa Gupta

Educational Qualification: Ph.d, M.Sc, B.Ed

AREA OF INTEREST:Pure and Applied Mathematics
Specialization: Mathematics
PUBLICATIONS:1. “Mathematical Modeling of Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus as a Risk Factor for Cancer”,
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, ISSN- 1742-6596, (2021).
2. “Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus in two Vicinal Nations”, International Journal of
Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, ISSN- 2278-3075,Vol. 9, Issue-2,
December (2019).
3. A Computational Model to Access the Impact of Medicinal based Plants for Curing of
Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus”, Ambient Science:, p-ISSN- 2348-5191, e-2348-8980, (2019).
4. “Hypertension and Coronary Heart Disease Risks for a Type II Diabetic Patient with or
without Alcohol: A Mathematical Model” in International Journal “Advanced Science,
Engineering and Medicine” Vol. 9 (709-712), 2017.
5. “Numerical Model for Glucose Metabolism for Various Types of Food and Effect of
Physical Activities on Type 1 Diabetic Patient” in the International Journal “Applied
Mathematics” Vol. 7 (19-22), 2017.
6. “Model of Gestational Diabetes- Impact on Placental Volume and Fetus Weight” in IEEE
Xplore (1815-1819), 2016.
7. “Finding the Neglected but Important Parameters in Diabetes Mellitus” in the
International Journal of Computer & Mathematical Sciences, Vol.4 (120-123), 2015.

WORKSHOPS/ SEMINAR/ CONFERENCE:a) National Workshop on “Numerical Methods with Scilab.”
b) National Seminar on “Recent Developments in Mathematics and its Applications”
c) National Seminar on “Changing paradigms of Technology and Management:
Prospects and Challenges”
d) International Symposium on “Recent Advances in Green Chemistry and
Chromatographic Sciences”
e) International Conference on “Engineering Science and Management.”
f) International Virtual Conference on Computer Science and Technology.
g) National Webinar on “Reflection towards Covid-19: Challenges and Strategies for
h) Webinar on SARS cov-2 testing /diagnosis : nanomaterial- based biosensors using
physical perspective
i) One week e-Faculty Development Program on “Fixed Point Theory & its applications”
j) Webinar on “National Education Policy-2020”