Dr. Preeti Sharma

Educational Qualification: Ph.D

AREA OF INTEREST:English Language and Literature
Specialization:ELT, Linguistics, Literature, Soft Skills
PUBLICATIONS: 1. Practice Handbook for Basic English Published in November 2020
2. Beyond the Horizon- Anthology of Poetry Published in May 2021

PATENT PUBLISHED:1. Indoor Air Pollution Monitoring Device for Kids in Schools” – Intellectual Property
India. Application number- 202211048099 on dated 9 th September ,2022.
RESEARCH PAPER PUBLICATION:1.Measuring English Language Testophobia in South Eastern Haryana in ELT Quarterly
(An International Peer Reviewed Journal Volume 19, Issue 1-4,December -2020, published
by H.M Patel Institute of English Training andResearch Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand,Gujrat
(India) in December 2020
2. A Brief Analysis on Effect of Testophobia Among Adult Vernacular Learners of Eastern
Haryana. International Journal of Institutional and Industrial Research, Volume 3, Issue
1January – April 2020
3. Assessing Impact of Testophobia among Undergraduate Learners (The
Case of Eastern Zone of Haryana)in The Expression: An International Multidisciplinary e-
journal (A Peer Reviewed and Indexed journal with Impact factor 3.9) Volume 7, Issue 1
4. Teaching English to underprivileged Learner (Volume 01 Issue 08), Eduved International
Journal of Interdisciplinary Research November 2014
WORKSHOPS/FDP’S:1.ICT and LMS Tools- 2 days’ Workshop, organized by Odd particle in association with
Inquire Hub in June 2020
2.ICT based tools and its applications in teaching learning process -1 week FDP organized
by BSVS Educational Learning Centre, Nagpur June 2020
3.E-learning and ICT tools of Effective Teaching-learning Studies- 1 Week FDP organized
by Aravalli College of Advanced in June 2020 in Education, Faridabad.
4.Designing E-content for English language and Literature -National e-workshop organized
by department of English and IQAC of Arts, Commerce and Science College, Lanja in June
5. English is Easy 3 day workshop organized by S. S. Agrawal Institute of Engineering and
Technology, Navsari (Guajrat, India)in June 2020