Dr. Anshul Arora

Specialization: – Finance & Marketing

Work Experience: – 12 years teaching experience.
Area of Interest:
Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, Financial Derivatives & Accounting for Managers, Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviour

Research Publications:

  • Arora A., Chowdhury, Kumar J. (2017) Trends and Practices of Employee Engagement in IT industry in North Capital Region in Emerging Trends in Social Sciences; ISSN: 2277-8624, Volume 6, (21-22)
  • Arora A., Chowdhury, Kumar J. (2017) Factors affecting Employee Engagement: A review of literature; Abhinav National Monthly Refereed Journal of Research in Commerce and Management ISSN 2277-1166  Volume 7(2)
  • Arora A., Chaturvedi, V. (2014) “online retailing- A customer’s perspective, Radix International Journal (ISSN: 2277-1018(online). Impact factor 4.05, Volume 3 Issue 3
  • Arora A., Chaturvedi, V. (2014) A conceptual overview on impact of employee Engagement on performance: A development prospective; National Seminar on “Recent Issues and Challenges in Management and Technology, Gandhi Institute for Technology , Bhubnehswar

Conferences, Workshops &Seminars

  • Arora A., Chaturvedi, V. (2014) A conceptual overview on role of talent engagement as an indispensable tool for organizational sustainability, International Conference on Management Practices & Research, ICMPR( E-book & ISBN 9789384562007), Apeejay school of Management New Delhi
  • Arora A., Chaturvedi, V. (2013) Understanding the role of Transformational leadership in enhancing organizational effectiveness, National seminar on Innovative Practices in Management, Lingayas‟s University Faridabad