Department Department of Management Studies
Email Id [email protected]
Contact Details 9350452013
Designation Assistant Professor
Highest Qualification (hons.), Ph.D. Pursuing 
Total Work Experience 4 months 
Teaching Experience 4 months
Industry Experience Nil
Teaching Interest Finance & Economics 
Research Interests To study the performance of district central cooperative banks.

To study the impact of district central cooperative banks on its customers.

No. Of Publications 02
Detail Of National Publications 01


Journal of management and entrepreneurship (UGC-Care)



Detail of International Publications 01

International journal of research in Engineering and management
No. Of Seminars /webinars/FDP/STTP Attended Nil
Details Of Seminars /webinars/FDP/STTP Attended [Best 3] Nil
No. Of Conferences Attended 03
Details Of Conferences Attended [Best 3]
  • A Research paper entitled “Women in Indian Tourism Industry – with special reference to Haryana” at the international conference on Women Participation in Economic & Social Development in South Asia: Role, Status & Challenges by Indira Gandhi University, meerpur, Rewari (2019).
  • A Research Paper entitled “Effect of ICT” at the national conference on Contemporary Issues in Education by Department of education Indira Gandhi University, meerpur, Rewari (2019).
  • A Research Paper entitled “Economic Integration and Indian International Trade:  A Review” at national conference by Indira Gandhi University, meerpur, Rewari (2023).
No. Of Workshops Attended Nil
Details Of Workshops Attended [Best 3] Nil
Achievements Qualified UGC- NET Examination in Commerce (2022)Best volunteer award in National Integration Camp (Bhopal, MP)
About Me (Please brief about your interests and work experience in 200 words) As a dedicated research scholar and assistant professor in management, I am embodying the intersection of academia and real-world application. With a keen intellect and passion for knowledge, delve into the depths of field, unraveling complexities and discovering innovative solutions. In the classroom, I inspire my students with my depth of knowledge and contagious enthusiasm. My lectures are dynamic, weaving together theory and practical examples to cultivate a deeper understanding of management principles. Through mentorship and guidance, I am empowering the next generation of leaders to think critically, solve problems, and navigate the complexities of the business world with confidence.

Outside the lecture hall, my research contributions are shaping the future of management theory and practice. Whether exploring the dynamics of organizational behavior, strategic decision-making, or leadership effectiveness, my work pushes the boundaries of current understanding and opens new avenues for exploration. My publications are revered within the academic community, influencing scholars and practitioners alike.

Driven by a relentless curiosity and a desire to make a meaningful impact, I am beacon of inspiration in the world of academia. Your dedication to excellence, coupled with my passion for learning, sets you apart as a leader in your field, and my contributions continue to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of management research and education.

Project Details Nil