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HOD’s Desk

Department of Management Studies (Global Institute of Management Studies) is unwavering in its commitment to provide contemporary, competitive and quality education of global standards to the students who are about to step into the professional realm full of challenges and opportunities. We emphasize to set up an education system that fosters the highest degree of values and encourages students to aspire for greater goals.

Introducing innovation and dexterity with a blend of holistic education system paves the way for integrated personality by striking equilibrium between the modern outlook and traditional values.

At GITM, we make learning an amicable and enjoyable experience by implementing an integrated approach with the right mix of academic, extracurricular and sports activities. We aim at shaping and nurturing the all-round personality of each student that goes beyond just academics and caters the need for business, industry and society.

We incessantly endeavor to build their physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological and spiritual strengths so that they are better equipped to deal with real-world challenges and make them ready to stand on their own feet. We develop massive confidence and competency in our pool of highly dedicated and motivated staff and faculty members who unfailingly offer our student the guidance, knowledge and emotional support they aspire from a mentor.

We update consistently our study materials, teaching pedagogy, instructional objectives, methodology and assessment methods to ensure effective teaching learning systems for our students and for meeting expectations of corporate and business.

I am assured and confident that with the sincere efforts of our advisory board, our dedicated faculty and with the cooperation of the parents, GITM will continue to flourish and thread a spotless path to excellence and eminence of education and quality of life.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a two-year full time course, approved by AICTE, New Delhi and comes under Maharshi Dayanand University Rohtak (MDU, Rohtak). The program is divided into four semesters and involves rigorous training to equip future managers with conceptual framework and specific skills needed to be successful in the corporate world.

The program offers specialization in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Human Resources Management, information technology and International Business with additional inputs through special program like Guest Lectures, Seminars, Workshops and Conventions.

MBA—the two year full time programme is designed with the objective of developing the students into highly adept professional managers, capable of working in diverse sectors, continuously striving for excellence in performance, while propagating thought leadership and contributing to the welfare of the society at large.

The first year introduces students to the essential models and tools, with a focus on precise training

in the various disciplines in management and the development of a strong foundation of business

Knowledge and management theory. The year concludes with a rigorous Summer Internship

programme which allows students to explore practical implementation of the management concepts.

In the second year, the students decide on their specialization from the given curriculum.

After two years of 360 degree learning, the students move on to realize their dreams in the corporate world.

Our Commitment to Stakeholders

  • Students:To provide high impact learning for growth and development.
  • Industry:To provide globally relevant and responsible leaders and solutions.
  • Professional Community:To create knowledge and through leadership.
  • Society:To be responsible citizen and provide innovative solutions for social problems.
  • Government:To address national priorities and technological competitiveness for efficient governance

Our Thrust Areas

  • All functional areas
  • System approach and innovation management
  • Consumer research and business analytics
  • Sustainability and business ethics
  • International management
  • Management of education

Distinguishing Features

  • Heavy research orientation, which is used extensively for designing courses to respond to current industry issues and continuously revise the contents of the courses.
  • Well-qualified internal faculty complemented by carefully selected adjunct faculty with considerable industry or domain expertise
  • World class IT infrastructure with a very high computer to student ratio, a rich software repository that facilitates computer aided instructions and enables hands on experience on leading business enterprises

Activities carried out during the semester 

  • Presentations on current topics
  • Business Plan
  • Inter class Quiz competition
  • Expert Talk
  • Brand Management activities
  • Online Trading on stock market
  • Mock interview session
  • Group Discussions
  • Creating an Advertisement
  • Industrial Visits

Departmental policies 

  • Focus on regularity and punctuality
  • Ensuring attendance & periodical communication to the parents regarding defaulters
  • Strict code of conduct with emphasis on Discipline
  • Anti-ragging policy
  • Grievance Redressal system
  • Mentor-mentee meetings
  • Active involvement of the Department’s faculty in promotional activities
  • Periodical meetings with the HOD to push up the outstanding students & pull up the sluggish