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Computer Center

Computer Center

Computer Center
Computer Center
Computer Center

The Institute has state-of-the-art computer resource centre with 10 Nos. of Computer Laboratories, all equipped with servers and having 500 computers with the latest software and providing 24 hours Wi-Fi internet connectivity & unlimited access to students and faculty members. The centre has 20mbps broadband lease line Internet connection to meet the growing needs of the students. E-Learning centre has more than 1500 National and International online journals & centre.

The Centre is providing the following online Services:-

  • Digital Library
  • Online E-Journals
  • ICT Based Technical Programmes through MHRD.
  • Online lectures from IIT’s and IIM’s
  • Virtual labs through IIT’s
  • Online e-books
  • Webinar’s through Google hangout.
  • Online research activity.
  • Online issue of Books (SMS/Mail)
  • Online Books Renewal (SMS Mail)
  • Online Renewal Status (SMS Mail)
  • Online Course materials
  • Online Old Question Papers
  • Online Syllabus