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B.Tech (IT)

Department of Information Technology

knowledge in the field of computing, as well as to prepare students for career opportunities in this area requiring a high level of technical knowledge and skill. The department will continue to develop and administer programs which serve the needs of industrial computer scientists, researchers, and computer application specialists for whom the discipline of computer science & Engineering provides indispensable tools.

Our programs have co-requirements to assure that our graduates & post graduates have thorough training in logical and critical reasoning needed for continuing intellectual growth.

Vision Statement:

The vision of the department is to become a recognized leader in India offering high-quality undergraduate& post graduate programs in computer science &engineering to a large number of talented students.

Core Values:

The core values guiding the department are:-

  • Commitment to high-quality undergraduate education and student success.
  • Commitment to widening educational opportunities to economically poor students.
  • Quality assurance of academic programs through disciplinary accreditation.
  • Continuous program improvement through assessment of program educational objectives and student outcomes.
  • New initiatives and programs with change in technology and global interdependence.
  • Continued professional development of faculty members and scholarly contributions to the discipline, often with student participation.
  • Activities to build ties to Multinational and local industry.
  • Service to the College, University, community, and discipline.


The current goals of the Department are:-

  • Explore how to evolve the Software Development Track as a new major (Major in Computer Software Development).
  • Develop faculty expertise in emerging areas of the computer science & engineering, such as cloud computing, mobile computing, grid computing and android computing and encourage interdisciplinary projects by students and faculty.
  • Support and encourage faculty participation in conferences and meetings to facilitate scholarly productivity and professional development.
  • Enhance student engagement through activities such as internships, independent studies, training, special projects and higher studies.
  • Provide more opportunities for faculty, students and alumni to interact and network together in informal settings.

Learning Process:

Our department emphasizes on teaching core theory underlying diverse aspects of computer science along with its applications. With a solid foundation and problem solving techniques, students are well equipped to adapt to rapid changes in the computing world.

Our teaching and learning process is based on International methodology. Before teaching any subject we prepare course file and lecture plan. Lecture Plans are devised and developed with a meticulous care and the students go through an acid test by means of a fool proof evaluation system. The Department has the proud privilege of having exceptionally qualified, dedicated and scholastic Faculty to impart knowledge in varied spheres including the latest technologies enabling them to readily take any problem related to the Department.

Seminars and workshops are organized at regular intervals where eminent academicians and industry stalwarts share their experiences and thoughts with students and faculty members. These seminars/workshops and periodic trainings conducted on and off-campus help students to be aware of new research areas and current trends in industry practices.