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B.Tech (LEET) CE


The Department of Civil Engineering pulls out all stops to create outstanding engineers - with advanced teaching techniques and learning aids for undergraduates. Students are not only made experts in technical aspects but also in interpersonal skills, a vital ingredient to excel in the fast-paced world.

The undergraduate program imparts students with mastery in the field of civil engineering besides fluency in mathematics, physics, instrumentation, computers, management and economics - essential requirements for any successful civil engineer. Students gain practical experience from field visits to industries, dams and irrigation structures, construction sites, etc.


The vision of the department is to become a recognized leader in India offering high-quality undergraduate & post graduate programs in Civil Engineering to a large number of talented students.


The civil department has main focus on enhancing the strength of students while considering their education as priority.

Our programs have co-requirements to assure that our graduates have through training in logical and critical reasoning needed for continuing intellectual growth.


The current goals of the Department are:

  • Develop faculty expertise in emerging areas of the Civil Engineering such as Structural Engg,Highway Engg,Soil Engg,designed software updates like Tekla,pro-e foundation,stadd pro. projects by students and faculty.
  • Support and encourage faculty participation at conferences and meetings to facilitate scholarly productivity and professional development.
  • Enhance student engagement through activities such as internships, independent studies, training, special projects and higher studies.
  • Provide more opportunities for faculty, students and alumni to interact and network together in informal settings.



    Our primary strength lies in our students, faculty and staff.


    Excellence is our goal in all our endeavors.


    Engineering research, education, and practice all demand the highest moral and ethical standards.

Learning Process:

  1. Students are free to interact with any faculty for any subject for their learning process
  2. Faculties are always on the mode of learning process.
  3. Seminars and workshops are organized at regular intervals.
  4. Industry experience has been useful for the students of engineering, by providing practical exposure.

Our teaching and learning process is based on International methodology. Before teaching any subject we prepare course file and lecture plan. Lecture Plans are devised and developed with a meticulous care and the students go through an acid test by means of a fool proof evaluation system. The Departments has the proud privilege of having exceptionally qualified, dedicated and scholastic Faculty to impart knowledge in varied spheres including the latest technologies enabling them to readily take any problem related to the Department.